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Gifts for corporate & private events (e.g. baptisms, weddings, etc.)

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Satisfied employees & partners make for a thriving business. With House Raccoon for Business you choose an honest, sustainable and local employee or business gift straight from our artisanal Antwerp workshop that will impress everyone. Send us an email or contact us for more information or let us inform you below!

Looking for team building? Visit our workshops page and find out all about terrazzo workshops .

How it works
Why House Raccoon?

With us, you buy directly from the person who makes it, with no middleman. We take into account your budget and depending on the quantity ordered, you get up to 50% off our normal price.

Furthermore, our communication skills are on point, we can personalize as much as you want, we ship very smoothly and we are not happy until you are! Your smile, that's what we're all about!

For whom.

For year-end gifts for your staff, birthday gifts, business gifts, wedding & christening gifts and so on. If you want to give something original, we are here for you!


You can choose from all the products on our site but we also like to give some examples. You can have a set of card holders from as little as €7pp, DIY kits start from €15, Design products such as Ollie & Alfie or our fragrance sticks start from €20pp. Of course you can also give a gift certificate to anyone!

Is personalization possible?

Yes yes, we make everything ourselves so a lot is possible. Ask us whatever you want (color, packaging etc...). We'll see what we can do for you!


Our standard discounted gifts are as follows:

  • < €500: 20%
  • €500-1000: 25%
  • €1000-2500: 30%
  • €2500-€5000: 35%
  • €5000-€10000: 40%
  • €10000-€20000: 45%
  • >€20000: 50%

(Not on gift certificates)

Shipping costs
  • Shipping is free if everything may be sent to 1 address.
  • Shipments to different addresses: €9.50/package (Bpost: €5.6/package + packing materials: €1.4/package + handling cost €2.5/package)
  • Extra gift wrapping is available from as little as €2.5 per gift.

Request your no-obligation quote at!

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