Our Story

founders House Raccoon, Nathan and Anneleen

House Raccoon is a super cool Belgian atelier that makes unique design decoration & gifts. Plus! We also organize the very best terrazzo workshops throughout Belgium & the Netherlands. Since our start in 2017, we have grown to a passionate team of more than 25 fun designers, zany makers and giving workshop givers.

House Raccoon is different. With us, no "designed in Antwerp" and then the production sneaks to China. No, all our products are 100% designed, tested and made in our workshop in the heart of Antwerp. And we are proud of that! We are also proud that we do this in the most transparent and honest way possible with respect for people and our planet.

House Raccoon was founded by Anneleen & Nathan (#highschoolcouplegoals). In 2017, they started in the kitchenette of their apartment, then moved to a seedy semi-basement in Lint, then to the social workplace Mivas in Lier, then opened a store in Mechelen (which is also already due) to finally end up in Antwerp where their studio (for their part) has been located for some time now! And oh yes, they also have a cat. He is very cute and his name is Oscar. And also a dog. He is also very cute and his name is Sunny. They do everything for pizza and recently they also started 2 new companies pioneertown.be & egghouse.fun. Sitting still they find boring.

Our mission is to inspire change, make the world a greener place and put a smile on people's faces. We do this by offering our handmade designer deco, gifts, DIY items & workshops . We also plant 1 tree for every product sold. By buying House Raccoon you are not only buying a product, but also supporting creativity, people and our planet.

Cheers, Anneleen & Nathan & Co.



Anneleen & Nathan

The Founders

Anneleen & Nathan. A little crazy, a little (read: fokking) stubborn, but that's necessary when you start your own brands. They also started pioneertown.be & egghouse.fun. Oh yeah, and also a couple for over 12 years, party! Plus: Anneleen is actually a pharmacist and Nathan is a commercial engineer, but as mentioned before, they are a bit crazy and stubborn, so they just do something else. You can further see in the picture our our cat Oscar - aka The King- and our adorable 'Goodest of Boys' Sunny!

Founders Anneleen and Nathan