Clémence van den Haute

Clémence van den Haute is an up-and-coming Belgian design talent. She worked from 2020-2022 as in-house lead designer at House Raccoon. Her designs are sparkling, fresh and minimalist. With a touch of the beautiful Scandinavian (interior) landscape and a conscious, slow-paced lifestyle, Clémence's objects attract attention in a remarkable yet calm way. Just the way we like it!

Clémence van den Haute

Designs by Clémence van den Haute

  • Ollie & Alfie penguins

    Ollie & Alfie penguins

  • Terrazzo Chessboard

    Terrazzo Chessboard

  • DIY Box - Terrazzo Earrings

    DIY Box - Terrazzo Earrings

  • Lily & June vases

    Lily & June vases

  • Nora vase

    Nora vase

  • Harry & Oliver candle holders

    Harry & Oliver candle holders

  • Deco Christmas trees

    Deco Christmas trees

  • Bobby cardholders

    Bobby cardholders

  • Emma pot

    Emma pot

  • Katie Christmas pendants

    Katie Christmas pendants

  • Design Trees

    Design Trees

  • Mila pot

    Mila pot

  • Fritz snowman

    Fritz snowman