Nona Van Laethem

Our ambitious Nona may be "only" 23 years young, but she is not lacking in knowledge and creativity. She graduated with a master's degree in product development from the University of Antwerp and is now completing her furniture design course in Mechelen. Our young designer started at House Raccoon as a job student in our workshop and is now part of the design team. She gets her inspiration from her many travels which makes Nona's designs natural, minimalistic and luxurious.  

Designs by Nona Van Laethem

  • Maurice Christmas gnome

  • Monstera propagation station

  • "Stone" card holders

Designs by Clémence van den Haute

  • Ollie & Alfie penguins

    Ollie & Alfie penguins

  • Terrazzo Chessboard

    Terrazzo Chessboard

  • DIY Box - Terrazzo Earrings

    DIY Box - Terrazzo Earrings

  • Lily & June vases

    Lily & June vases

  • Nora vase

    Nora vase

  • Harry & Oliver candle holders

    Harry & Oliver candle holders

  • Deco Christmas trees

    Deco Christmas trees

  • Bobby cardholders

    Bobby cardholders

  • Emma pot

    Emma pot

  • Katie Christmas pendants

    Katie Christmas pendants

  • Design Trees

    Design Trees

  • Mila pot

    Mila pot

  • Fritz snowman

    Fritz snowman