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DIY Box - Terrazzo Coaster

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Making your own terrazzo , that's great! This DIY box includes all the materials and a clear online tutorial to make 2 design terrazzo coasters at home. Experiment with endless colors and make your own design terrazzo. No experience needed! Check out our other DIY boxes here.

This DIY box includes all the materials and a clear online tutorial to make 2 designer terrazzo coasters (11x13cm) at home. What makes it so special is that you can experiment with lots of colors so you can make super unique coasters that are completely tailored to your own taste! There are five colors in the package (white, black, magenta, blue and yellow) but there is also a color wheel in the instructions so you can make any color you want. It's very easy, pinky promise! Everything is included for about 3 hours of pure carefree fun. No experience necessary!

This product is designed, assembled and/or packaged in our Antwerp (Belgium) workshop and we plant 1 tree per product sold! 🌳

Making time: approximately 3 hours
Dimensions: Coaster: 11x13 cm

Material: High quality gypsum composite
Additional info: Additional supplies you should have in the house:
- A cover to protect your table (tip: tear open a sturdy garbage bag)
- An apron
- A rag to clean up spills
- Scales
- Toothpicks
- Bowl with water
- Kitchen paper
Please note: 1. If you only purchase this product, it will be shipped without a separate shipping box around the product box to save the environment. Please keep this in mind if you want to give the box as a gift to someone because the box may be a bit dirty due to transportation. ;)

2. You will be able to download the manual via a url link on the card you will find in the box!

- 1x card with url link to online manual
- 560g powder (plaster)
- 280g liquid (resin - solvent-free so safe to use & environmentally friendly)
- 5x pigments (white, black, yellow, magenta & blue)
- 4x non-sticky and washable mixing cups
- 4x spatulas short
- Coating (10g) to finish your creations
- 4x waterproof sandpaper (roughness 80 2x, 320 1x and 600 1x)
- 12 high-quality silicone feet
- 1x non-sticky paper (baking paper)
- 1x microfiber cloth
- 1x high-quality reusable silicone mold (11x13cm) (reusable approximately 200 times)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Anonymous (Flanders)
Very fun to do!

The delivery was super fast and correct. The making was very relaxing and exciting at the same time. Ideal to get out of your head for a while. Will definitely do it again!

Evy Beckers (Flanders)
Fun activity!

Together with a friend, we bought 3 of these boxes for a mutual friend's birthday. The plan was to spend a cozy afternoon with these DIY workshop and I am sure we succeeded! We had fun and have fun coasters to remember.
Some points of improvement:
- At the end you have a lot of plaster left over and it would be nice if you had some more molds (e.g. some smaller coasters) not to waste it.
- There is way too little sandpaper in the kit. We added a small sander with extra sandpaper. With the sheets you get with it, you can only sand a very limited area.
- It was not clear how best to apply the coating. Using a small brush unfortunately resulted in streaks. Instructions on how best to apply the coating smoothly would be welcome!
Still very happy with this purchase and (despite the streaks in the coating) a very nice end result!

Silke De Smedt (Flanders)
Super cool box!!! :)

Easy to get started with, easy to try out on yourself at home. Nice results. Worth repeating! :)

Céline Vande Broeck (Flanders)

It is well provided to make cute coasters.

Nele Kelleneers (Flanders)
Nice package!

Very nice package with a brief explanation on paper, but a link with the fully written out explanation. Very easy to follow!

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