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DIY - Silicone mold Pro - Pot Hexagon ⌀ 5.5cm

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Can't get enough of DIY'en? Then is this pro silicone mold definitely something for you! This professional silicone mold is Reusable at least 1,000 times if you care for it. Read: it will last indefinitely if you take care of it. Combine this molds with our raw materials, pigments, glitters and more and let the magic happen!

This professional silicone mold is reusable at least 1,000 times if you treat it with care. Read: it will last indefinitely if you take care of it. We design and make this PRO molds completely by hand in our own workshop in Antwerp and use it ourselves for our own products!

This mold is professional because - besides lasting a very long time - it is also very sturdy and thus the products are shaped very nicely. Our basic molds are a bit thinner (and therefore cheaper) but the edges sag a bit more easily so the products can have more convex and less finished edges. You can counter this a bit though by pushing extra weights against the edges of the mold.

The color of the mold you buy can have different colors (e.g. red, orange, blue - independent of the color in the picture) but the quality is just the same with all colors! ;)

This product is designed, assembled and/or packaged in our Antwerp (Belgium) workshop and we plant 1 tree per product sold! 🌳

Making time: n/a
Dimensions: See contents

Material: High quality silicone
Additional info: When you purchase our molds , you also get access to our color library with sample colors and instructions on how to use them mold ! There will be a card in your shipping box with a url and password that will give you access.
Note: The mold will last a very long time (about 1000 times) if handled carefully and only compatible raw materials and pigments are used. If you use cheaper or more corrosive materials (e.g. cement), the lifespan of the mold will be drastically reduced.

Therefore, when in doubt, use only House Raccoon raw materials and pigments.

Dimensions object you create with this mold:
- Pot hexagon: 6.5 x 8.8 x 7.7 cm, ⌀: 5.5 cm

Weight of raw materials you need to fill this mold :
- Pot hexagon: 330g (plaster 236g - acrylic 94g)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Laura Smits (Flanders)
Qualitative mold

Super at peace with this mold.
She is thicker than others which makes you feel like you can't do anything wrong with it.

Thank you! Very nice to receive such a nice review. :)

Sofie (Wallonia)
What a cutie

Shipped very quickly. Very nice to work with and it still looks nice! Totally happy with it 🥰

Ilse V (Flanders)
Very cool mold

Took the workshop with a friend. Recently gave the workshop myself at school to my teachers. This mold was a success.

Thank you for the great review!

S.V. (Brussels Capital)
Super cool and convenient!

We bought the mold for the hexagon pot and for the oval bowl. Both quite easy to remove (be sure to let your creations dry out well and definitely fill to the brim).... We liked all 4 of these products very much! Look great in any interior!

S.D. (Brussels Capital)

Very good mold. Sturdy, wide edges. And yet flexible enough to get your made card holder out easily

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